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Our Vision....

„…Your child will always need a constant care” - that is the essence of the sentence each parent may hear. No measure of care and protection, no amount of money would guarantee the immunity from it. Sometimes the sentence is declared when the baby is still in the mother's womb, more often - when it is born. Sometimes there are no signs of the looming tragedy, until a day when a disease or an accident irreversibly turns a healthy little child into a helpless human being, dependent on others till the end of his or her days. As long, as we, parents, live we provide the best care we can for our crippled offspring, as any parent would tending for a baby, who depends on him or her in every moment of its life. A healthy child grows and develops and gradually becomes independent-our children remain forever babies, fully reliant on our care.. But when we are no more , those helpless beings become a troublesome legacy to the next of kin. In most cases providing care for a heavily disabled people is beyond the capacity of even the most loving relatives. And the state - run system of institutional, professional and effective assistance and care is , optimistically speaking, at the embryonic stage.

Having in mind our Pawełek and other children, who like him suffer from an irreversible disability, we decided to build in Klewno near Reszel, in the Warmia region, a house for disabled people, who are orphaned or for other reasons deprived of care they need. Here they will find love and understanding accompanied by a professional assistance and care, modelled on the European Union's best standards and practices. Besides the care home we will build the rehabilitation centre for people, whose disability gives them a chance for at least a limited independence and self-reliance. These objectives will be completed by the day care centre for disabled people who live in the area, that will also relieve their carers and enable them to find paid employment. As the rural areas are discriminated in the respect of access to professional rehabilitation it is one of our objectives to provide the local community with equal chances in this regard.

To accomplish those objectives we set up the "Salus" Foundation to which we donated our 36 acre farm. The response to our appeal for help with starting the project exceeded our wildest expectations. People from all corners of the world offered their involvement and assistance, although most of them can only contact us via the Internet. It made us realise how enormous is people's potential for good, how many people are ready to dedicate their time, knowledge and skills as well as financial resources to help others. Just because they can. If you too want to support our project please learn more about us and our Foundation's work, goals and objectives.

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