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The beginning: .....

It is difficult to mark the beginning. Ever since Pawełek was born I have kept thinking what would happen to him when I am no longer here, who would look after him? I do not remember who seven years ago came first with the foundation idea - I or Wladislaw, Pawełek's father. The Foundations main objective was to build a care home for orphaned disabled children. I did not want Pawełek, should he become an orphan, to be sent to a state run orphanage, and I did not want my daughter to look after him although she would not have it any other way. I have my reasons for declining her offer. Pawełek is mentally challenged to a grave degree and suffers from an array of other illnesses and health conditions. Children like him are prone to infections and very often fall ill which means she would have to take frequent time off work and hence her ability to find and sustain any job would be seriously handicapped. Another reason for declining her offer was that it would complicate her life too much as well as the life of her family that she would start one day.

It took us six months to register the Foundation. We live on the outskirts of a small village, in a colony of two farms, located way beyond Klewno village near Reszel. After setting up the Foundation we found out that the telephone lines will not be provided as planned and because of this facilities of the Foundation activities have been suspended for seven years. Our plans were put aside and slowly forgotten and, disheartened, we gave ourselves in to resignation.

After we finally got access to the Internet there was one evening when, feeling down, I joined a discussion on the Onet Forum. And this is how it started. As it is in a Forum nature- we argued about the views and opinions, including politics, and we got to know one another better. From posted comments through e-mail communication and Skype chats to a meeting at the Foundation Farm (location of the future care home) during the long weekend at the beginning of May this year. The project was put in motion just like that, just because people wanted and could help and had the knowledge needed. Everyone keeps contributing his or her bit and the project moves forward.

Elżbieta Ziober
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