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Main objectives of the Foundation:

The Foundation of Help for Children And Handicapped People SALUS operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
The seat of the Foundation is Klewno in the Reszel district, situated in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voievodeship. The founding capital of the Foundation is the arable fixed property of an area of 36 acres, built over with a dwelling building, a barn, a cowshed and a shed
The Founders are natural persons.

The Foundation acts for the benefit of disabled people and their carers. The aid and assistance rendered by the Foundation is tailored to suit specific situations and resulting needs of individual beneficiaries.
Disabled people who , for various reasons, are deprived of necessary care will be able to have a residential place in the Foundation Care Home, and also those whose carers work – the Home will provide with a day care centre. On location the residents and patients of the Care Home will have at their disposal a choice of individual and group therapy classes, like for example the computer lab, art classes, technical skills workshop or gardening classes. People who need rehabilitation will be provided with individually designed sessions best suited to their specific needs. In addition the residents and patients will be provided with regular medical care.

Disabled people who do not require residential or day care provided by the Care Home will be addressed by the centre within the Foundation premises offering health, vocational and social rehabilitation. This project constitutes a very important aspect of Foundation’s activity as disabled people living in Poland’s rural areas are still discriminated against in their access to assistance programs and instruments aimed at preventing their marginalisation and social exclusion as well as facilitating their opportunities for gaining a vocation and employment. Location of the Foundation’s centre provides natural conditions enabling to offer as well hippo and hydrotherapy. These facilities will be widely available to people from all over Poland as well as from abroad. Eventually the Foundation will also develop facilities for children holiday camping and family holidays.

The Foundation, to fully use its facilities, will organise at its premises after school classes for local youth helping them to develop and explore their skills and interests. This activity will on one hand give local school youth access to attractive and otherwise unavailable forms of spending their free time, and on the other –will make them familiar with the disabled people issues hence enhancing the integration. With time the Foundation may become a centre of local cultural and social life, with integration events for children and young people, celebrations, as well as artistic, entertainment and sports events, thus serving both the Foundation’s charges and local community.

Counselling and advisory activities constitute the fourth area of the Foundation’s objectives. Building on knowledge gained in the process of setting up and carrying out its statutory actions the Foundation will be in a good position to support disabled people and their carers and initiatives of nature similar to the Foundation’s profile. This aspect focuses on building and managing the data bank and a community site for all subjects involved in similar projects and for disabled people.


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